RLWis delighted to announce the availability of the PowerMax power truck.
The PowerMax works for both Nn3 and Z scale. See more detail below.

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SeaRails PowerMax power truck for Nn3 and Z

New! The PowerMax power truck for the serious Nn3 modeler and even Z scale!

This is a new Nn3 power truck from SeaRails. You can use the PowerMax, SR PMX-1 to create critters, dinkys or conversions in Nn3 such as a 1927 Whitcomb 8T or one of the many small Porter engines. Use the PowerMax dual pack, SR PMX-2, for larger engines. Or use the PowerMax to power the famouse geese of the RGS ( e.g. RLW 2472, RLW 2473, RLW 2474, RLW 2475, RLW 2476, RLW 2477 ) using RLW's Nn3 brass etchings. The PowerMax is being used as the basis of the new Brill car coming soon. The PowerMax can also be used in Z scale to create trolleys and standard gauge small engines. To see how the PowerMax performs take a look at the video by following the Brill car link above.