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It you want to place an order please do so on our SECURE website, this is what it is for. If you still don't trust the internet then still place the order and call us with your credit card information. Or you may call to place the entire order. Some people just like the person to person touch of old, which is ok with us. Please read the following about calling first. We do not recommend using e-mail to send credit card information. If you insist then send it in multiple e-mails. Note that we no longer print a catalog or a newletter.

Since I no longer have a full time job in construction, you may call me from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (PST) Monday through Friday and anytime on weekends and holidays. We do get out occasionally so you may not always reach me. If I am not here please call back. Remember that we live in the Pacific time zone so 8:00 AM PST is 11:00 AM EST. I prefer to correspond via e-mail, but do not object to phone calls.

We have been deluged with spam email since we published our email addresses here so we have changed the email address so that that they are buttons instead of text. This makes it difficult for a software robot to 'harvest' these email addresses. Unfortunately this means that you will need to either manually enter the address to send us an email; or click on the button to use our site message feature. For this we apologize and look forward to the day when eMail senders must pay three cents to the receiving ISP, two cents to the sending ISP and a nickel to you for each unsolicited eMail. If they wish to steal your attention and waste network bandwidth then they should pay for it. We think this would significantly reduce junk eMail and phishing attacks.

Also, the fax is almost always used by fax spammers so we have discontinued it. We recommend emailing us if you have access to the Internet. If you still prefer to fax please call (see below for number) to setup a fax time.

How to contact RLW:

Please Call 360-577-6479 and request to Fax.
Postal Mail:
16 Little Cape Horn, Cathlamet, WA. 98612
Electronic mail
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Republic Locomotive Works
The Source for N Scale Narrow Gauge.
Phone: 360-577-6479 Fax: Call to setup