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Mailing & Ordering Instructions

We no longer publish a catalog that you can purchase. Those that prefer using the postal system can still download a copy of the RLW order form; print it and fill it out. You may need to obtain the Acrobat Reader to access this form. Click on the button on the bottom of this page to install it. You might want to try the online catalog system to browse for items and to check for availability. When you've filled out the order form, mail or FAX it to us.

RLW Focuses on Nn3. RLW focuses on Nn3 and any products that are applicable. We also deal in a limited number of other scales and gauges, mostly as a courtesy to our customers. Emphasis is placed on unique items that are not available elsewhere or are difficult to get or find.

Product availability. What is listed in the online catalog is what we stock. Most items are stocked and these are marked as available on the Web site (the Buy button). If you want something not listed, or listed as sold out, you can eMail us, enter a dummy order(see below), or call for price and availability because we can sometimes find items.

Special Orders RLW will special order products; however, please be prepared to provide a deposit. You can order a special by eMail, by entering a dummy order, or call for price and availability.

Dummy Orders. Select any item in the catalog and input your name address and credit card information. In the notes box write DUMMY order and describe what it is you want. The purpose of a dummy order is to securely get me credit card information for something you want that is not listed in the catalog or to replace a credit card that has gone bad or expired. This is especially useful for reservations where the card has expired. In this case just refer to the order number in the notes box.

Product Back Orders. Although RLW makes much of what we sell, we also carry a number of products from other vendors. Occasionally we temporarily sell out of popular products and have to acquire or build additional stock. Popular products that we are actively re-stocking are marked as orderable on the Web site (the Order button).

Product Reservations. Because we focus on unusual Nn3 products where the feasibility of producing the product; or interest in the product is problematic, we use a 'Reserve' system to offer the product based on real interest. A Product on Reserve (the Reserve button) indicates that it is not in production but has the potential for entering production. This can occur either because it is new; or it is very expensive or difficult to produce (or acquire). We want to make sure that there is sufficient interest to produce another run of the product. We ask you to indicate your interest by giving us a credit card (or other payment means) indicating you will purchase the product upon availability. In return, RLW will make sure that you get the product as soon as it is available. RLW does not charge your credit card for a Reserved product order until we complete a run and are in process of sending you the product. You can notify us to cancel a reserved product order unless we've already shipped it to you. If you still want to return it after you receive it, our normal return policy applies. The Reserve system allows RLW to optimize manufacturing resources around products that customers really want.

Removed Products. Products that have been removed from production with no liklihood or being brought back are marked as removed on the Web site. Often there are excellent pictures of the models and/or historical interest in the product so they are left in the catalog and identified with a Stop button. This indicates that you cannot order removed products.

Unique Products. RLW, GHQ & Gold Rush Models Locomotive parts, both narrow and standard gauge, are not available through any dealer or even GHQ. RLW is the sole parts source. Parts are shipped packaged without a label in a sealed plastic bag. GHQ and RLW's objective is to provide modelers with a source of quality detail parts for scratch building projects. Minimum parts only orders are $10 plus postage. You may request by Email or while ordering specific parts from any RLW or GHQ product not in the catalog (e.g. Gold Rush parts). RLW stocks a small supply of Gold Rush parts with more available.

Satisfaction Guarantee. Everything RLW sells is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Broken or missing parts will be replaced at no cost. This includes a reasonable number of replacements for parts broken (or lost!) because of the usual mistakes that happen during kit assembly. We want you to build elegant kits so we are pleased to replace an accidently broken or lost part. Just let us know which part you need. (We'd also love to have pictures of your completed kit!). If you are not satisfied you can return an item for credit or your money back subject to a 20% restocking fee. Call or email for return authorization. Returned items must be returned in the same shipping container in which you received them. If you return an item unopened within 30 days, RLW will refund the purchase price including tax minus the restocking fee. No refund will be given after 30 days; however a merchandise credit may be given depending on the circumstance. However, Limited run craftsman kits may not be returned.

Postage and Handling

USA ($6.50 per order.) and Canada ($8.50 per order.) (Add $1.00 for rail and flex-track)
WASHINGTON State residents must add 7.6% for Sales Tax.
Domestic alternate destination shipping (USA or Canada) requires a signature for delivery. This service is available for a fee of $2.00. Shipment tracking number service for domestic customers to domestic addresses is available for a fee of $0.00. Insurance is extra, please select from the following options.
Insurance Type Description
InsureCarrierMin Insure shipment at carrier minimum value.
InsureDomesticDefault Insurance type is default. This is USPS for domestic ( USA & Canada) orders and NO insurance is provided.
InsureLeast Insure shipment for minimum value. USPS Priority Mail is used and NO insurance is provided.
InsureValue Insure package for its value. Insure package for its value. USPS Priority Mail is used. The insurance is $1.30 for up to a product value of $50; $2.30 for above $50 to a value of $100; and $2.30 for the first $100 in value plus $1.05 per each $100 in value (or fraction thereof) above the first $100 up to $5000.
Rest of World (Estimated at $15.50 per order.) RLW Ships to the credit card billing address to minimize fraud. RLW does not provide a shipment tracking number service. Packages may be traced when sent registered or insured should it not arrive. The actual cost of postage will be charged. Use a credit card. You must also select the form of shipping and insurance from one of the following options:
Insurance Type Description
InsureForeignDefault This is the default insurance. Shipping is USPS for foreign (non USA & Canada) orders and is sent by Air Mail with NO insurance. If the order is too bulky for an envelope, it is sent by Air Parcel Post.
InsureForeignFull Insure package for full value. Declare full value. Increases postage. Invoice sent separately.
InsureForeignMiminum Insure package for minimum value with a declared customs value of $25. The package is shipped using USPS registered Mail and is insured for $25.00 with a declared value of $25 regardless of product total. No invoice is in the package. Your eMail confirmation is the only confirmation.
InsureForeignNone Do not insure. The package is shipped as a gift from M. Thomson with a declared customs value of $25 which cannot be tracked. The invoice is sent by eMail and a certificate of shipping is provided. The order is shipped by Air Mail if it can fit in an envelope; otherwise it is sent by USPS Air Parcel Post.
InsureForeignValueOver400 The products are sent USPS priority mail which allows insurance over $400 in value up to $2500. The estimated cost is $40.00; actual cost will be charged. The insured value must match the customs value which will match the invoice value.
InsureForeignValueUpTo400 The products are sent USPS registered mail which allows insurance of up to $400 in value. Values greater than this amount requires regular insured mail which costs more. The estimated cost is $25.00; actual cost will be charged. The insured value must match the customs value which will match the invoice value.

Payment Methods

You may pay with personal checks or Money Orders. Mastercard or Visa are accepted (and recommended) for orders over $35.00. RLW does not accept PayPal. Make sure you give your expiration date and your name as it appears on your card; as well as the correct card number. We also require you to include your credit card verification code which appears on the back of your credit card: Verification code last 3 digits of stripe on back


Make sure to include both P.O. Box and Street Address; we send orders by United States Postal Service(USPS) only. Please include your phone number(s) in the event there are problems with your order. Yes, we will call you. Yes, we do return phone calls left on the answering machine.

We ship only to verified addresses. For orders not shipped to the US or Canada, this means that we normally will only ship to a credit card billing address. (Long-time RLW customers can call for other services.) This protects you from several types of credit card scams. For orders shipped within the US or Canada but not to a credit card billing address, we require a receiving signature for delivery. This service adds $2.00 to the shipping cost.

If you have signed up for an RLW account you can setup default billing and shipping information to be applied. when you checkout. You can still change the values at checkout. However, in all cases the above rules still apply.

New Products, Newsletters and Questions

RLW comes out with new products all the time. These are announced on the RLW website. We no longer publish a newsletter.

If you want a reply to a question that is not with an order, you must include a LSASE with your inquiry. Be reasonable in asking many questions. Questions requiring a yes or no answer get attention over those requiring long exposition.

If you have a modeling problem or need advice you can eMail or write. You can also call from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific time.


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