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RLW 2180

RLW 2180 WSLC 2 Truck shay kit. Uses MT 14005 (F-7) for power -- $139.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
Nn3(Between Rails is 40.96 scale inches.)
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Republic Locomotive Works
This is a white metal kit originally designed by Tom Knapp. The first picture is a built up model from this kit for Westside Lumber Number 5. The Westside Lumber Number 5 Shay is currently running at the Roaring Camp and Big Springs Railway in California. Recently John Santel did an excellent job building the kit. The fine results are shown in the second, third and fourth pictures. To complete this kit you will need to purchase the MT 14005 Z Scale F-7 Locomotive chassis.
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