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RLW 1650

RLW 1650 McDonald Brothers Sawmill -- Reserve Evaluation. -- $149.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
NA(Gauge does not apply to this item.)
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Republic Locomotive Works

This is a replica of a very early reciprocating sawmill located in Sherborne Nova Scotia Canada. The mill is water wheel driven and has a reciprocating saw. The saw blade moves up and down to saw through the logs. A log dam creates both a mill pond to store logs and also forms a raceway for the waterwheel which powers the sawmill.

This kit would model the exterior of the sawmill and with eonugh interest another kit would model the interior. Also if enough interest is shown in the interior kit, an animation kit is anticipated that would turn the waterwheel and drive the sawblade and potentially even the log bunk.

We've included a number of pictures of the prototype mill in Nova Scotia for you to get an idea of the scale and size of the sawmill.

This model is offered for evaluation. The kit may be slightly different from the prototype pictures. It will not be produced unless enough reservations are received. If this of interest, you may wish to reserve one for yourself. Reservations only become orders after the product is deliverable. RLW only charges upon shipment.

Additional Pictures for RLW 1650

This is the Waterwheel and raceway that powers the sawmill machinery.

The Log Dam with overflow on the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

Close up of the back of the log dam. Notice the covered raceway and overflow guides.

Closeup of the log entry-way into the mill. Note how compact the entry into the mill is from the long pond.. This is perfect for modeling.

The product drying yard just outside the mill.

Sawdust Pile and log cutoffs from the Sawmill.

Backside of the Sawmill, showing the waterwheel and Raceway. Note the window casing. This mill looks spiffy!

This is the chain drive conveyors to remove the log cutoffs and sawdust from underneath the sawmill.

Interior showing the flywheel and drive belts of the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

The waterwheel is moving and the flywheel is spinning in the interior of the mill.

Machinery detail in the interior of the Sawmill.

Another interior view of the log carraige and saw of the Sawmill.

End of the log bunk as another log is being turned into lumber.

Interior of the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

A sawhorse, belts slashing through the scene and whirring belt wheels in the background. Note the rough sawn pillars.

Interior of the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

Log carraige of the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

Log carraige of the McDonald Brother's Sawmill.

The sawyer adjusting a log on the log carriage to obtain maximum lumber for the smallest number of cuts.

After the first cut is complete the exterior waste material is discarded. Note the clean cut down the log.

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