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RLW 27490

RLW 27490 McCabe Water Tank(Std. Gauge) -- $39.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
NA(Gauge does not apply to this item.)
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Republic Locomotive Works
At the McCabe Lumber Company, the water tanks were not as sophisticated as those on Class 1 railroads. He just built his unsophisticated, open-top 20,000 gallon tank based upon several different prototype tanks. The HO standard gauge version of the tank(available from B.T.S.) is shown in the photos. The bents of the narrow gauge versions are a scale 30" shorter in height and the tank is the same size. The base of the tank has a scale 18' square footprint. See-through 'water' is included with the kit. This kit consists of accurate laser-cut wood with plastic & metal detail castings.
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