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RLW 27492L

RLW 27492L McCabe Blacksmith Shop with lighted Forge. -- $54.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
NA(Gauge does not apply to this item.)
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Republic Locomotive Works

Often a part needs to be repaired and in many cases, created from raw metal. The smith uses old, time-proven technology to repair, shape and form many of the parts needed around the facility.

The building has a removable roof, interior framing, and over 22 detail castings. Overall footprint is about a scale 26' x 17'.

This kit consists of accurate laser-cut wood with white metal detail castings and 3D printed additional details. This kit includes a lighted forge using the RLW 4210. One of the effects it provides is a forge fire simulation so that you can see the red-hot flickering fire in the forge.

Additional Pictures for RLW 27492L

Trackside view of the Blacksmith Shop.

The roof is removable to reveal the details inside.

Top View of the Blacksmith Shop showing details such as the anvil, water tub and square forge. Note that the forge included in this kit is round, not square.

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