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RLW 28107

RLW 28107 Howard Brothers Feed and Grain Complex -- $99.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
NA(Gauge does not apply to this item.)
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Republic Locomotive Works

The Howard Brothers, Dave and Bill, have been in the grain business for decades storing and shipping the local farmers' crops. They recently added a feed sales store to their elevator complex. It is painted in a spiffy two-tone gray to honor Bill's time in the Navy, Dave and Bill hope it will kick up the profit.

The elevator can be built with or without the horizontal bands; the version without the bands is shown at the bottom of this page. These bands are usually seen on studded versions of the elevator.

As with all RLW kits from B.T.S, this masterpiece is laser cut and engineered for easy construction. Slots and tabs eliminate alignment problems. Adhesive-backed window sashes make glazing the windows a snap. Other features include positionable doors & window sashes and removable roofs. Naturally, an ample supply of brass and white metal detail castings, including workers, are included to provide a high level of realism.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and card stock. The footprint is shown below; overall height is a scale 82 feet. Track and scenery are not included. The HO model from B.T.S is shown in the photos; minor details may vary in N scale.

Additional Pictures for RLW 28107

Floor Plan for Howard Bros Feed and Grain Complex.

Feed and Sales Building

Side Braces on the Grain Elevator. (Boxcar shown in picture is not included in kit.)

Back Side of Howard Bros Feed and Grain Complex showing feed sales building, office, ramp, scale house, elevator and engine shed. Note the side braces. (Boxcar shown is not included in kit.)

Rail Side of Howard Bros Feed and Grain Complex with office, feed sales building and elevator. Note the lack of side braces on the elevator. (Boxcar shown is not included in the kit.)

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