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RLW 28275

RLW 28275 McCabe Fire Train (3 Cars Complete Kit without trucks and couplers) -- $99.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
Nn3(Between Rails is 40.96 scale inches.)
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Republic Locomotive Works
Fire is a nasty thing for a lumber company. And while he hoped it was never used, John McCabe had the shop crew build a three-car fire train. This train was kept ready in the yard just in case. He also constructed additional water cars and used these on other parts of the line, but they could be added to the train in case of an emergency. The firefighting car carries a supply of water and has the steam engine-powered pump on top to feed water to the rotating nozzle or the smaller hose. Steam for the pump is provided by the locomotive handling the fire train. The pump can pull water from the additional water car or, by using the siphon hose on the side, from a convenient creek. The tool car provided a place to store the various firefighting tools such as shovels, buckets, additional hoses, etc. The firefighting car and water car were inspired by a car from the Pacific Lumber Co. The tool car is based on a Rayonier Lumber Company home-built car. This Republic Locomotive Works kit consists of laser-cut basswood and plywood, and brass, plastic, & white metal detail castings. The tool car roof is removable and the interior bracing is included. Archbar trucks and couplers are not included. To complete these kits you will need a pair of MT961 Archbar diamond Nn3 trucks as well as a pair of MT 905 Nn3 couplers. The kits are also available individually as follows:
Fire Car Kit (Trucks and Couplers included.)
Water Car Kit (Trucks and Couplers included.)
Tool Car Kit (Trucks and Couplers included.)
These are Limited Edition kits for Nn3 and are available direct only from Republic Locomotive Works.
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Additional Pictures for RLW 28275

This is Richard Roy's Fire Car.

A close-up oblique view of the Fire Car.

This is Richard Roy's Fire Train Tool Car. Note the fine detail.

A side view of the Fire Train Water Car.

A side view of the Fire Train Tool Car.

Top view of the Fire Train Fire Car showing the steam driven pump and other detail.

A closer view of the Fire Car's steam driven pump and rotating nozzle.

An oblique view of the Fire Train Tool Car.

First inserted for RLW 28275

This is Richard Roy's Fire Train showing excellent modeling and fine detail.

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