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RLW 28301

RLW 28301 McCabe Slatyfork Sawmill - Single Line Interior Details -- $99.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
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Republic Locomotive Works

This product is now available because of customer interest.

This kit consists of the machinery castings for detailing the interior of your McCabe Slatyfork Sawmill. The McCabe Lumber Co. Slatyfork Sawmill was built in 1933 after the Coon Gap Sawmill burned to the ground. Slatyfork is a double bandsaw mill that can handle the load! The elegantly designed interior of the Sawmill houses the details and sawmill machinery in this kit.

You can now obtain the machinery designed for the Slatyfork Sawmill. A complete sawmill interior kit, including all the needed machinery for a single band saw mill (one band saw, one edger, one swing saw, one log carriage, and lots of rollers as shown in the drawing below) and details for the saw filer's area, figures, and assorted clutter is available. The interior kit also includes the overhead belt drive components and the transfer used to bring the lumber down to the loading dock. Because the Slatyfork Sawmill was a dual line mill, these parts compose only one of the lines in the Slatyfork Sawmill interior and another line is required to complete the interior for Slatyfork mill. However, most of these components can be adapted to other smaller mills.

If you want a complete interior kit for the Slatyfork Sawmill, consider purchasing RLW 28301-2 which contains the detail parts for two complete production lines to fill the dual production lines of the Slatyfork Sawmill (RLW 28300).

There seems to be a little confusion about what we mean by "a complete sawmill interior kit." Here is some of what is in the box:  For the main sawmill floor there is one band saw, one edger, one swing saw, one log carriage and track, four sets of rollers, lumber transfer, hog chutes, control stands, overhead drive belt hanger and belts for the swing saw, cants, workers, and even some sawdust. For the sawfiler's area, there is one blade hoist, workbench, shelves, blade stand, extra blades, desk, chair, sawhorses, ladder, tools, anvil, and junk & clutter. No logs are included since the diameter of the logs is based upon the area you are modeling.

In addition, individual kits for the band saw, edger, swing saw, rollers, and log carriage are in development. Inspired by prototypes from R. R. Howell, Cordesmann Machine, and Corinth, these components have been designed to fit the Slatyfork Sawmill, but will work in many other situations as well.

These Republic Locomotive Works' kits parallel the larger scale(O,S,HO) BTS kits but in N scale. They consist of laser-cut basswood, plywood, cardstock, and brass, plastic, and white metal detail castings. The metal components of the band saw, edger, and swing saw are lost-wax brass castings that are already assembled, ready for you to attach the blades.

These are Limited Edition N scale kits and are available only from Republic Locomotive Works. For larger scale kits please visit B.T.S..

While this kit is specifically designed for the Slatyfork Sawmill, you can obtain individual components to add authentic detail to your sawmill. If you want individual kits please see the following:

RLW 28302
Five Foot Band Saw
RLW 28303
Edger and Rollers
RLW 28304
RLW 28305
Swing Saw
RLW 28306
Log Carriage & Track

Note:The pictures shown below display prototypes of the interior details using the Dual production line interior kit content (RLW 28301-2) which contains two complete production lines. This kit, (RLW 28301) only contains a single production line and so there are fewer items in this kit than are on display.

Instructions:(click on image to view.)
Additional Pictures for RLW 28301

Layout plan for the Slatyfork Sawmill. This kit provides only enough details for the top line or the bottom line. See RLW 28301-2 for enough parts for the dual line that was used in the Slatyfork Sawmill.

This shows the overhead belt drive, the swing saws and rollers (both long and short edger rollers) used to guide the rough boards onto the transfer platform.

This is an overhead view of the edgers, the long and short rollers as well as the swing saws in the dual production line sawmill. This kit provides only enough details for a single production line. See RLW 28301-2 for enough parts for the dual line.

This shows the interior details for the sharpening room. Note the large band saws, work benches and tools on the bench.

This picture is of the "proof" parts, painted for much of the production line wood shaping machinery. The first item on the left is the swing saw used to cut rough boards to length. The machine in the middle is an idler unit and power distribution unit used to maintain tension on the belt drive and to transfer power to another belt. The machine on the right is an edger used to form rectangular boards. Note the Dime to the left. This gives a sense of the detail size.

Detail pieces for the Log Carriage. Note that the large wheels on the right are used in the overhead belts that provided power to the saws and edgers. Overhead belt drives were used when a single steam engine powered the sawmill machinery.

This overhead view shows the various rollers and sawmill machinery laid out for the dual production line of the Slatyfork sawmill. Compare this photo with the layout plan.

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