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RLW 29409

RLW 29409 Colorado Central Excursion Car, pre-1900 -- $14.95

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N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
Nn3(Between Rails is 40.96 scale inches.)
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Republic Locomotive Works
Colorado Central Excursion Car, pre-1900. This car is designed to use MT 955 Arch Bar trucks or Bowser Bettendorf trucks (with metal wheels). What makes this different from using the typical MT 960 or MT 961 is that the coupler is attached to the truck. This makes the car able to negotiate sharper curves. For the purest it is still possible with the parts supplied to use the trucks (MT 960 or MT 961) and couplers (MT 905). The floor has to be built differently with the bolster glued to the subfloor instead of glued to the center sills. When built with the coupler attached to the floor instead of the truck, the coupler restricts how much the truck can turn before the wheel hits the coupler pocket.
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