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RLW 4220

RLW 4220 AgLite -- Silver Light Animation Kit -- $34.95

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Multi-Scale (This item is applicable to any scale.)
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Republic Locomotive Works

This is a kit that you can use to provide lighting animations for your models. It provides one full color light and 6 single color lights; or nine single color lights. The kit has 5 effects that you can use to illuminate your models. The kit consists of the AgLite (Silver Light) board, one full color (RGB) Light Emitting Diode (LED) light and three white LED lights and (for a limited time) either a five or nine volt power supply. The board runs on any voltage from 4.5 Volts to 16 Volts. It includes a USB micro-AB connector so you can use an inexpensive USB power supply. The board is 1.5 inches(3.81cm) wide; 2.0 inches(5.08cm) long and 0.4" (1cm) high. Thus it can fit in the interior of most structures. The board has four mounting holes at each corner. The LED lights have push-on connectors and about 14 inches(35 cm) of single strand cable (so you can place the lights at strategic points in your model). Additional LED lights in various colors are available from RLW.

This is a constant light for a lamp or light bulb effect.
This is a single color flickering effect. A white or pale yellow LED gives a candle (or kerosene lamp) effect. A red-orange LED emulates a fire in a fireplace.
The full color LED can be set to simulate a beacon. This effect was designed for a lighthouse and is perfect for Donovan's Transfer.. You can see the effect here.
Forge fire
The full color LED can be set to simulate a very hot fire with flashes of read in a bright yellow white flame typical of the forge in, say, McCabe's Blacksmith shop or a typical fixed boiler fire such as at the McCabe Power House. It can also be used to simulate a smelter fire. You can see the effect here.
Wigwam slash burner fire
The full color LED can be set to simulate a somewhat cooler (redder with yellowish tinges) fire characteristic of a slash or "wigwam" burner often seen around sawmills such as the Slatyfork Sawmill. You can see the effect here.
LED test
This effect flashes each LED output in turn and repeats so you can make sure that all the LED outputs are working correctly. You can see the effect here.

The board has a number of features to make it easy to enhance your models with lighting effects. Setting jumpers (provided) on the 3 selection ports tell the board the effects to perform. Each of the nine outputs are limited to 0.015 Amperes of current. This protects the LEDs and the AgLite board from shorts. The general power input accepts any voltage from 4.5 VDC to 16 VDC and is protected from incorrect voltage polarity. It also has a USB micro-AB connector so that you can power the AgLite with widely available inexpensive USB power supplies. The board is setup to output 3.3 Volts DC maximum on each of the 9 output ports. This low voltage, while enough to enable the LEDs to operate with very little heat dissipation is high enough to generate high quality lighting.

Note: The instructions show a picture of a button RGB LED (full color lamp) along with the AgLite board. The nearly 3/4 inch (19 mm) in diameter button RGB LED has been replaced by a much smaller RGB LED (about 3/16 inch or 4.76 mm ) square that is easier to mount in most structures.

Instructions:(click on image to view.)
Additional Pictures for RLW 4220

Full color RGB LED light.and AgLite board.
Full Color (RGB) LED

Three white LED lights with 14 inch (35cm) cables and slide-on connectors.
Whitel LED lights

Close-up images of three single color LED lights and slide-on connectors.
Closeup LED lights

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