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TRK 1001-1

TRK 1001-1 Locomotive 0-4-0T Kit from Tom Knapp -- $179.95

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Special Order
N (1 foot is 160 scale feet in N)
Nn3(Between Rails is 40.96 scale inches.)
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T.R. Knapp

This loco is typical of hundreds of Porter 0-4-0T industrial switchers built and shipped all over the world by the H. K. Porter Company, founded in Pittsburgh in 1866. The kit is composed of brass lost-wax castings, printed plastic steam cylinders, stainless-steel etchings, brass wire, brass crank pins, and brass screws. The builder must drill and tap some holes. Castings may be assembled by glue or soldering. The kit is designed to be powered by a PowerMAX! four-wheel motorized chassis which is not included. It mounts on the Searails PowerMAX 6.5 mm powered chassis which you may be able to obtain here. The completed model pictures shown below are for a model constructed out of this kit by Tom Knapp. This model was shown at the NMRA convention in Portland Oregon in late August of 2015. The additional pictures show the exquisite detail in the brass castings for this kit along with the components and the kit under various stages of construction. This is a craftsman kit that provides you with an opportunity to practice your painting and weathering skills as well as to add additional detail often added for a railroads specific needs. If your would like to see the operating potential of a built-up kit, click here. If you already own a Searails PowerMAX unit, the kit can be used with it. The adapter is also not required.

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Additional Pictures for TRK 1001-1

Porter 0-4-0T Engineer Side View. Note the driver detail.
Engineer Side View

Porter 0-4-0T Engineer Side Upper Angle View. More stack, bell and steam dome detail. Note the headlamp.
Engineer side upper angle view.

Porter 0-4-0T Engineer Side Angle View. Good overview of the small industry work horse used in many narrow gauge railroads.
Engineer side angle view

Porter 0-4-0T Engineer Side Back Angle View. Good overview of the small industry work horse used in many narrow gauge railroads. Notice the wood store on the fireman's side.
Back Angle View of Engineer

Porter 0-4-0T Fireman's Side Back Angle View. A good view of the Engineer and cab detail.
Back Angle View of Fireman's side

Front View of the Porter 0-4-0T. Note the fine detail.
Front View of the Porter

Back View of the Porter 0-4-0T showing the cab interior and locomotive controls. Say Hi to the Engineer. There is plenty of wood stacked up ready for a day's hard work.
Back View of the Porter

Fireman's Side view. of the Porter 0-4-0T. The locomotive is painted and weathered.
Fireman Side View

Engineer's side view of the Porter 0-4-0T. It is completed, painted and weathered.
Engineer Side View

The PowerMAX chassis with the side rods and the driver spoke detail installed.
PowerMAX with Side Rods Installed

The PowerMAX chassis with both the front casting and front pilot installed. The boiler will fit over the motor. The coupler is also mounted on the front casting.
Front Casting on PowerMAX

The PowerMax with both front and rear castings and pilot installed. Both couplers are also installed.
Front & Rear Castings on PowerMAX

The boiler is now installed over the PowerMAX chassis and attached to the front and rear castings.
Boiler Mounted with Cab on the Side

The nearly complete Porter with the Cab ready to be installed.
Ready to mount Cab.

The completed Porter 0-4-0T all shiny in its brass. The locomotive is ready for the paint shop and weathering.
Porter is ready for the Paint Shop

Front smoke stack angle view of the Porter 0-4-0T.
Front Stack Angle View

Back cab angle view of the Porter 0-4-0T
Back Cab Angle View

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